About Us

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Sleep Technologies is a specialty sleep and respiratory company. We provide innovative products, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatment solutions, oximetry screening, oxygen therapy, and follow-up services for people with OSA or respiratory disorders. Our team of licensed sleep technologists and respiratory therapists has several years of experience providing patient education, product instruction, and monitoring compliance to promote positive outcomes.

Our associates are thoroughly knowledgeable with a wide range of products and treatment solutions for OSA and respiratory disorders to assist in the ongoing disease management for the patient.

Our primary customer service goal is providing optimal patient care by partnering with the referral source and establishing the most effective treatment process and technology.

The Patient

Our professional staff is committed to the time and effort required for proper education and follow-up in treating patients with sleep apnea and respiratory disorders. This involves initial patient education, training on the proper use of the products, compliance monitoring and the necessary support on a 24/7 schedule.

The Providers


Working as an extension of the physician and nurse specialist, we deliver prompt and high standards of care for the patients. By using objective data, gathering regular feedback from the patient, and assessing therapy response, we promote better patient outcomes.


Our Mission

The owners and staff at Sleep Technologies work in concert with referral sources to provide optimal care for our patients and to guarantee high standards of practice at appropriate costs.

The keys to accomplishing our mission include:

  • Clinically focused company employing experienced, licensed respiratory therapists and sleep technologists

  • Medical oversight by physicians with board certification in sleep and neurology

  • Exclusive use of high end software equipment, masks, and related accessories for patient treatment

  • Comprehensive patient follow-up and monitoring using wired and wireless technology

  • Accreditation by The Joint Commission for Homecare and Medicare licensed for durable medical equipment

  • Membership in good standing with the American Association for Homecare and the Pacific Association for Medical Equipment Services

  • Ongoing competency based training and skills development for all staff


"My experience with Sleep Technologies has been very positive. The staff is courteous and helpful. The technician I have worked with is friendly, professional, experienced and makes every effort to meet patient needs. I would definitely recommend Sleep Technologies to other patients."

— Bev Wright

“I am so pleased that the Oregon Clinic recommended that I contact Sleep Technologies for problems I believed I had with my Bi-pap equipment. I met with Christine Bonaduce and she helped me determine that my equipment was actually working properly. She also told me that if I had had an equipment failure that she would provide me with a loaner while they sent my equipment in for repair that would be paid for by medicare. This was really great since I had not purchased my equipment through Sleep Technologies and the company I did purchase from was unwilling to help me with my equipment concerns. I highly recommend Sleep Technologies.”

- Bruce Goldman