Z1 Overnight Battery

Z1 Overnight Battery


Single additional battery

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Battery Pack Content: Lithium Ion

Battery Weight: Approximately 8 ounces

Battery Capacity: 45 Wh (Watt-hours)

Battery Voltage: 14.4v (Volts)

Estimated Run Time: Manufacturer testing showed that the Overnight Battery powered a Z1 CPAP Machine set to a pressure of 14cmH2O for 8 hours of use. Please note that actual battery run time will vary based on machine settings, machine pressure and personal breathing, with a manufacturer reported maximum run time of 14 hours. The manufacturer reports the battery will deliver at least a "full night" of use, which the manufacturer defines as 4 hours.

Battery Operating Temperature Range: 41 to 95 degree Fahrenheit (5-35 degree Celsius)

Estimated Charge Time of Battery If Fully Drained: Up to 8 Hours

Charge Cycles Battery Life: Rated at 2/3 Capacity After 300 Charge Cycles

Charge Shelf Life Before Recharging: 6 Months

Overnight Battery Warranty Period: 9 Months

FAA Compliance: Complies with RTCA/DO-160, Section 21, Category M